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Actores Alidos

Italy | Respect Festival

A Sardinian group that specializes in female polyphony. They perform songs of love, sacred songs, lullabies, dances and funeral laments.

Actores Alidos was established in 1980 as a research theatre and it is recognised by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage as a Company of National Interest. Soon the group addresses its artistic interest towards the cultural anthropology of its native land, studying Sardinian music; in particular the female component developing specific research on singing that belongs to the vast repertoire of the women's tradition. This work is materialized into the concert whose emblematic title is Songs of Sardinian Women.

While remaining faithful to the musical and expresive forms typical of Sardinian singing, the wome of Actores Alidos, thanks to Valeria Pilia’s arrangements, interpret female singing, which is traditionally monophonic, in a polyphonic way.

The concert debuted in 2001 at the Copenhagen Waves Festival and the first CD was recorded in 2005 by Finisterre: Songs of Sardinian Women caught the attention of international press, and as a result the group was invited to participate in the best international festivals, shows and contests in 20 European countries. Among the most important were Womex 2005, Top Ten Folk Roots in 2005, 1st Prize at the FolkHerbst Malzhaus Festival (Germany, 2007), the Maria Carta Prize in 2007 and Vinicio Capossela’s concert “Marinai, Profeti a Balene”.

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