Le Gars D'en Bas
Monday 28.4. / 14:00
(France, CZ, SK)
A melting pot of influences from Gypsy, blues, chanson to street party-music with cosmopolitan Czech-Slovak-French setup.
Pekko Käppi
Saturday 14.6. / 15:30
A player of Jouhikko, the ancient Finnish-Karelian bowed lyre, in all-improvised settings and traditional folk songs.
Saturday 14.6. / 16:45
Fendika is a troupe of highly accomplished azmari musicians and dancers from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Cirkus Debre Berhan
Saturday 14.6. / 17:30
New circus in african way
 The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band
Saturday 14.6. / 18:30
Vintage-thai pop of 60's
Yiddish Twist Orchestra
Saturday 14.6. / 20:45
(Great Britain)
"Clash of klezmer and Cuban...entertaining, varied, classy" Guardian
Sunday 15.6. / 14:00
(Greece, CZ)
Rebetiko, songs of greek underground.
Ganesh Kumaresh
Sunday 15.6. / 15:30
A pair of virtuoso violinists creating an explosive mix of Indian classical music.
Sunday 15.6. / 16:30
(Cape Verde)
Global ambassador of Cape Verde music
Sunday 15.6. / 17:30
Spice from creole cuisine - zydeco cajun country blues
Electric Jalaba
Sunday 15.6. / 19:00
(Marocco, UK)
Psychedelic Gnawa funk from Marocco
Mamar Kassey
Sunday 15.6. / 20:45
Traditional music of Sahel region with electronic guitars

installations & performance


martin janiček
Friday 13.6. / 13:30
(festival area)
Saturday 14.6. / 13:00
(areál festivalu)
Interactiv kinetic bally object
michael delia
Saturday 14.6. / 13:00
(festival area)
"Inactive chair"

for kids

dětský program

Wednesday 04.6. / 10:00
Try to juggle!
Saturday 14.6. / 13:00
(Ladronka park - Hospodyňky tent and surrounding)
A special treat for children
Saturday 14.6. / 13:30
(festival area)
Unusual playground for children by Libor Veselý.
Václav Strasser
Saturday 14.6. / 13:30
The unique performance with soap and rainbow bubbles.
Saturday 14.6. / 14:00
(near the Hospodyňky tent - left part of the complex)
Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 19:00.

accompanying program

doprovodný program

Etran Finatawa
Monday 26.5. / 19:30
Desert blues articulating the deep-set divisions in the Sahel region that are threatening their Nomad way of life.
Tuesday 10.6. / 19:30
(South Korea)
The Music that exist everywhere but belongs nowhere...Korean post hard rock on their first european tour.
King Ayisoba & Band + Zea
Sunday 29.6. / 19:30
(Ghana / Netherlands)
Double concert of hip-life star with the solo project of the frontman of The Ex and his one-man protest pop.
Tuesday 01.7. / 18:30
(Kongo, France)
The film follows the Kinshasa street musician group Staff Benda Bilili, whose core members of the group are disabled due to polio.
Tuesday 01.7. / 20:00
(Kongo, France)
Streets of Kinshasa by the creator of a film - Benda Bilili!
Thursday 03.7. / 18:30
(Senegal, France)
Live Africa - recording from the festival to support the fight against malaria in Africa