8. 6. 2013

HASNA EL BECHARIA IN THE PRAGUE POST. Check out the article about one of the biggest star of this year's Respect Festival.

6. 6. 2013

RESPECT FESTIVAL WILL BE HELD AT LADRONKA PARK, PRAGUE 6. Because of the floods in Prague, Respect Festival moves from Štvanice Island to Ladronka Park. The date is the same: June 15-16. More info on festival's special website.

27. 3. 2013

CHECK OUT THE PROGRAMME OF THE RESPECT FESTIVAL. We published the list of bands you can enjoy on Respect Festival, June, 15-16 on Štvanice Island. Buy tickets online and join & share event on Facebook.

31. 1. 2013

We are glad to announce that this year's Respect Festival will be held traditionally on the Štvanice island on Sat June 15 and Sun June 16, 2013. Confirmed acts and start of the pre-sales will be announced soon.

31. 1. 2013

NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION. We've changed the provider of newsletter distribution lately. If you have subscribed to our newsletter between June 15th and June 27th, please subscribe now again. It is possible that there was a technical failure, and your address has not been saved. Thank you for understanding.

For chosen concerts we are going to allot certain number (established before the concert) of winners from the list of subscribers. Winners will receive free entry to the concert. Winner will be informed via e-mail and announced on our website after confirmation."

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