Zita Swoon

Tue, 30. 9. 2008 - 19:30
Palac Akropolis

Zita Swoon is one of Belgium’s most popular bands, ever since Stef Kamil Carlens left dEUS (which he co-founded with Tom Barman) and started the group around the mid-’90s, under the name Moondog Jr. (soon rechristened Zita Swoon, at the request of Louis Hardin, the original Moondog). After releasing a string of successful albums and touring around Europe, Stef Kamil began to feel restricted by the commonly-accepted notions of how a ‘rock band’ should operate, and gradually turned Zita Swoon into a polymorphous collective, which works on a range of specific projects, often combining different media. Together they form a new lab for scene productions of hybrid performances. The cosmopolitan company Antwerp internationalists is renamed ZITA SWOON GROUP.