Speed Caravan

Fri, 25. 9. 2009 - 19:30
Palac Akropolis

Led by oud player Mehdi Haddab (Ekova, DuOud), this group known for its hi-energy stage performances is made up of a virtuoso bass player Pascal Teillet, a tamer of machines Hermione Frank and a multi-talented singer Bruno. Their first album, Kalashnik Love, offers a plethora of high class guests.

The most memorable track, "Galvanize", originally composed by The Chemical Brothers, is based on a sample of Berber singer Naajat Atabou. Grabbing the boomerang in flight, Mehdi gives the discourse an oriental touch, embracing the anger as his own and inviting Algerian rappers MBS and Spex MC from Asian Dub Foundation. It’s the same idea with the cover of the classic Cure "Killing an Arab" sung by Wattie Delay with an invigorated Rachid Taha playing the role of the Arab on duty. The song was originally inspired by the Albert Camus novel and the argument of the story is skillfully rejuvenated on this album.



Presale: standing 270 CZK, sitting 320 CZK
On venue: 300/350 CZK