Documentary film: Staff Benda Bilili

Sun, 28. 11. 2010 - 21:00
French Institute in Prague

Do not miss a documentary film about band Staff Benda Bilili from Congo that will be a headliner of Respect Festival 2011!

The film Benda Bilili! will be broadcasted within a French Film Festival in the French Institute in Prague, Stepanska street 35 on Sunday, November 28 th from 9 p.m.

Summer 2009. Five paraplegics and a young able-bodied teenager light up the stage in front of an entranced audience of 8000 people. "Benda Bilili" - in English "See Beyond", is the name of this Kinshasa band which has acquired a global following. Chances of success were slim at first for these homeless handicapped artists who struggled to survive on the streets of their dilapidated capital. "Benda Bilili" is not a music film, it's the story of a dream that became reality. And a plunge into the streets of Kinshasa without a safety net.