Parno Graszt

Wed, 13. 10. 2010 - 19:30
Palác Akropolis

"They do not use sources of Gypsy music; they are the source itself," writes Simon Broughton, one of the authors of the Rough Guide to World Music. During the last 20 years Parno Graszt became the equivalent of Hungarian Gypsy roots. For the group, being authentic was nothing more than being themselves. Indeed, in their home village, music is shared between each one of the community: instruments are passed from one hand to another and practically everyone is a dance master. Parno Graszt play acoustic guitars, double bass, tambura, accordion, spoons, milk churn and ‘oral bass’ which is a continuous vocal improvisation made by the percussionist.

As a recognition for their work in preserving Romani culture and heritage, EBU and BBC produced a music documentary about Parno Graszt. In 2008, the musicians were invited to India where they spent two weeks in Rajasthan, supposed motherland of the Roma people, meeting and playing with local musicians, tracing their roots, looking for familiar faces, customs and melodies.



Presale: Standing 330 CZK, Sitting 380 CZK
On the venue: 350 Kč/400 CZK