The Young Gods

Fri, 18. 2. 2011 - 19:30
Palac Akropolis


Twenty five years and still no sign of wearing out. The Young Gods have released a breathtaking new album called “Everybody Knows”, a subtle blend of acoustic, electric, electronic, vintage and vantgarde. It stands as a world of its own, and builds on the band’s recent experiences ("Knock On Wood", "Play Woodstock") and on their majestic past ("TV Sky", "Second Nature").



The intro, "Sirius Business", sets the tone, both cosmic and accessible. Aerial samples and waves of saturated riffs take the listener straight to the heart of the matter. Welcome to the doors of perfection! The Young Gods always conceive soundtracks for journeys to other worlds. The voice is powerful, like the sun rising above a rainforest; it vibrates to music both ancient and cuttingedge, with bone-shaking prehistoric beats combined with waves of psychedelic rock and ambient electronics... The first song, called "Blooming", is as direct and inspiring as the tracks that have marked the history of rock and pop in the last five decades. Next up, "No Land's Man", dances like a panther under the lights of San Francisco's Matrix club, and dynamites the brain with its hendrixian solos splashing into infinity like a group of mad gypsies straight out of a Philip K. Dick dream. Time is out of joint, and 1968 collides with 2010. Yes, the album is made of songs, but they are woven together in such a seamless fabric that enumerating them one after another does not do justice to the whole. Shamanic meditations combine with soaring anthems, sublime vocals with celestial choirs (“Mister Sunshine”), and hard rock blends with masterly minimal ambient (“Miles Away”). The record even has a melodic song (“Introducing”) with a chorus that could get mainstream airplay ! There are intimate moments (“Two to Tango”, “Aux Anges”), and violent, political ones too (“Tenter le grillage”). The album ends with a last climax, “Once Again”, an eight-minute sonic free fall. On arrival, one realizes that the Young Gods have landed right in the heart of the human soul. You may now unfasten your seatbelt.


The Young Gods - Franz Treichler, Al Comet, Bernard Trontin and Vincent Hänni – are sonic architects, alchemists and diamond-cutters. They create albums that go deep and last long. "Everybody Knows" is a record that will inhabit you for years.

The Young Gods and The Griots - TYG and Dälek


Presale: standing 490 CZK, sitting 540 CZK
On venue: 590/640 CZK