Konono No.1

Democratic Republic of Congo
Tue, 27. 3. 2012 - 19:00
Democratic Republic of Congo
Palác Akropolis

Congolese traditional trance music

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2011 has been an exciting year for Konono N° 1. They earned a Grammy Award (for their collaboration with Herbie Hancock), made a great European club tour (on which they brought their hypnotic music to many rock & electonic music venues), appeared at festivals such as Gilles Peterson Worlwide, Field Day & The Big Chill in the UK, OFF in Poland etc…

Were enthusiastically welcomed on their 1st visit to Australia and last, but not least, played 16 shows in 10 countries as part of the sensational Congotronics vs Rockers ensemble (alongside Deerhoof, Kasal Allstars, Juana Molina & more).

Konono N°1's "Congotronics" album introduced the world to the strange and spectacular electro-traditional mixtures which are being concocted in the suburbs of Kinshasa, Congo. World music, electronica and avant-rock aficionados have all been equally amazed by this otherworldly music, which has driven the international press to come up with some surprising comparisons (from Can and Krautrock to Jimi Hendrix, Lee Perry and proto-techno!...).

The band was founded back in the 1960s by Mingiedi, a virtuoso of the likembé (a traditional instrument sometimes called "sanza" or "thumb piano", consisting of metal rods attached to a resonator). The band's line-up includes three electric likembés (bass, medium and treble), equipped with hand-made microphones built from magnets salvaged from old car parts, and plugged into amplifiers. There's also a rhythm section which uses traditional as well as makeshift percussion (pans, pots and car parts), three singers, three dancers and a sound system featuring these famous megaphones.

The musicians come from an area which sits right across the border between Congo and Angola. Their repertoire draws largely on Bazombo trance music, but they've had to incorporate the originally-unwanted distorsions of their sound system. This has made them develop a unique style which, from a sonic viewpoint, has accidentally connected them with the aesthetics of the most experimental forms of rock and electronic music, as much through their sounds than through their sheer volume (they play in front of a wall of speakers) and their merciless grooves.


Presale from March, 2: standing - 380 CZK; seating (balcon) - 430 CZK
On place: standing - 450 CZK; seating (balcon) - 500 CZK