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This eleven-man brass and woodwind band comes from the village of Zece Prajini, which lies near the Romanian-Moldavian border. Yet it belongs to the larger tradition of Romany brass bands found throughout the Balkan region (and recently popularized by the soundtrack to Emir Kusturica's film Underground). The music of Fanfare Ciocarlia combines Romanian, Gypsy and Turkish influences, even elements of klezmer. The group, whose CD Radio Pa_cani (1998) enjoyed a huge success, has already appeared on festival stages all over the world. If Macedonia's Kočani Orkestar is known as the loudest and tightest of the Romany brass bands, then Fanfare Ciocarlia deserves the title of the fastest and craziest. Its leader, Ioan Ivancea, says the same himself: "We're one of the last, and we're the fastest of them all!"
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