Czech Republic
Duo SLEPČÍK - Strupčice u Chomutova

Honza "Ača" Slepčík and his wife Magda are the most natural musical duo imaginable, and together they represent authentic Romany music in the Czech Republic. "Ača" Slepčík worked with director Evald Schorm and writer Bohumil Hrabal on their staging of "A Loud Solitude", which has been part of the repertoire of Prague’s Divadlo na Zábradlí since the mid-Eighties. He also co-wrote the music for the film Tulák (Vagabond) with multi-instrumentalist Jiří Stivín, and served as an expert consultant during the making of an Italian documentary about Romanies in post-1989 Czechoslovakia. Duo Slepčík has performed successfully in Vienna and Paris, and has recorded five programs for Czech Television.
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