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Israel | Respect Festival

Piyut Ensmeble

Liturgical poetry, synagogue melodies and a free-ranging search through the world’s ...

Date: 25. 06. 2019 Place: Palác Akropolis
USA | Respect Festival

Kamasi Washington

Harmony of Difference review – a glorious exploration of diversity

Date: 07. 07. 2019 Place: Palác Akroplis
victoria hanna white
Izrael | Respect Festival

Victoria Hanna

An insightful virtuoso who takes your breath away

Date: 15. 07. 2019 Place: Palác Akropolis
DE/ USA/ SWE | Respect Festival


Members of Dälek, Fire! Orchestra and Faust

Date: 29. 07. 2019 Place: Palác Akroplis
Metá Metá
Brasil | R+

Metá Metá

Mixing elements from brazilian chansong with african music, jazz and rock

Date: 10. 09. 2019 Place: Palác Akropolis
Serbia | Respect Festival

Boban Markovič Orkestar

The absolute Kings of the Balkan Brass

Date: 18. 09. 2019 Place: Palác Akropolis