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Switzerland, France | OM

Erik Truffaz – Rollin’ & Clap

Europe's greatest jazz trumpet player with his new album

Date: 03.10.2023 19:30
Place: Palác Akropolis
Israel, USA | R+

Itamar Borochov Quartet

A unique combination of the Middle East and Brooklyn. New album Arba, produced by Ma...

Date: 08.10.2023 20:00
Place: Jazz Dock
Macedonia | R+

Džambo Aguševi Orchestra

Tiger of Macedonian funk. Rescheduled concert from 28.3. 2022. Already purchased tic...

Date: 09.10.2023 19:30
Place: Palác Akropolis
Switzerland | OM

The Young Gods – Play Terry Riley In C

Legendary sound innovators with their recent interpretation of the iconic compositio...

Date: 10.10.2023 20:00
Place: Palác Akropolis
Finland | Respect Festival

Aki Rissanen – Omniwerk Impressions

Extraordinary pianist and premiere of the unique Omniwerk instrument

Date: 17.10.2023 20:00
Place: Sál Pražské konzervatoře
Event canceled
Cuba | Respect Festival

Eliades Ochoa

Star of Buena Vista Social Club

Date: 19.10.2023 20:00
Place: Divadlo Archa