Respect is a family-friendly festival and we have special attractions for kids: a unique climbing frame by blacksmith Libor Veselý, Mysterious herb- al caravan wagon, workshops Musical ticket to ride and Botanicum, the best bubbler Václav Strasser, wooden carousel by carver Matěj, to name but a few. If you want to enjoy the music without distractions, the experi- enced Homemakers/ Hospodyňky will look after your children in the kids‘ area.

Installation by Libor Veselý

A hydro-plane, a helicopter or a flying carpet? How will the backsmith lead us to distant lands this yeas?

The popular climbing legend of the blacksmith Libor. Available all day,both days.

Carousel by Carver Matěj

Wooden carousel for children.

Available all day,both days.

Mysterious herbal caravan wagon

Mysterious herbal caravan wagon, workshops Musical ticket to ride and Botanicum.

Available all day,both days.

Bubble show

Traditional Sunday magic show of the best burglar in the country. Shows between the concerts hppen in the auditorium field. Children can try makingtheir ownbubbles.