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France / Ethiopia | R+

KUTU: A Franco-Ethiopian project streched between Addis Abeba and Paris

KUTU was born in Addis Abeba where Théo Ceccaldi, a multifaceted improvising musician, met the symbiotic voices of the two ethiopian singers Hewan Gebrewold and Haleluya Tekletsadik. It is a journey through the feverish nights of a 2020 underground Addis, where an hyperactive youth captures ancestral musics to better free themselves from them. From nowadays poems, and collected ethiopian tribal rhythms, Théo Ceccaldi conceived a telluric set where improvisation, soaring of voices and punk energy meet, supported by a strong rhythmic section and a line-up with catching energy: electro-cosmic keyboards, primitive percussions, hypnotic bass, exalted dances and stellar voices. A glowing Ethiopian trance combo, where the freedom of jazz merges with the raw depth of azmari sounds.

Line-up :
Hewan Gebrewold – Vocals
Haleluya Tekletsadik – Vocals
Théo Ceccaldi – Violon
Akemi Fujimori –  Keyboards
Valentin Ceccaldi – Bass
Cyril Atef  – Drums



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