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Laurie Anderson with Sexmob: Let X=X


One of the best representatives of the New York avant-garde scene, performer and artist, musician and - by her own definition - 'storyteller', Laurie Anderson announces her return to Europe in 2023 with a refined and overwhelming performance in which she presents, between stories, multimedia elements and experimentation, the 'Let X = X' tour, accompanied on stage by the New York band Sexmob, led by Steven Bernstein (woodwinds), with Briggan Krauss (sax, guitar), Tony Scherr (bass), Kenny Wollesen (percussion) and Doug Wieselman (guitar and woodwinds).

Behind Laurie Anderson is an incredible artist who has made the avant-garde and minimalism her inspiration: composer, writer, director, photographer, instrumentalist, visual artist, explorer of new forms of technology, all these characteristics come together naturally in a figure who embodies like no other the creative act understood as uninterrupted performance.

In the new European adventure, the artist brings to the stage ‘Let X = X’, a track taken from the masterpiece album ‘Big Science’ (1982), a happy minimalist synthesis between Steve Reich and Robert Ashley, which freeze-dried avant-garde theatre in the lexicon of popmusic. And which would become the cornerstone of a dazzling musical narrative, conspired with the help of a group of splendid veterans of the downtown New York scene.

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