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One of The leaders of new Polish minimalism

Lotto can be described as one of the leaders of new Polish minimalism. Mike Majkowski, Łukasz Rychlicki and Paweł Szpura combine avant-garde jazz, drone music and rock, experimenting with forms and repetition. They’re one of the flag bands in the Instant Classic catalogue. The label has just released their most recent EP, Pix, and is gearing towards a premiere of their new album.

LOTTO are an instrumental trio based between Warsaw and Berlin — Łukasz Rychlicki on guitar, Mike Majkowski on bass, and Paweł Szpura on drums — blending the outer borders of jazz, country, noise, and minimal electronica, through repetitive structures and improvisation, creating a music that is both hypnotising and moving. Mike Majkowski has been touring with Hailu Mergia and drummer Tony Buck (The Necks) since 2013, he also tours as a soloist as well as in other various projects. Paweł Szpura is one of Poland’s most in-demand drummers, playing and touring in a variety of groups (Hera, Wovoka).

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