Mask workshop with Gilberto Conti

During both festival days there will be workshop of creating huge masks made out of cardboard. The workshop is going to be led by Brazilian artitst and puppeteer Gilberto Conti.

In certain intervals there will be theater for children performed by Conti, also. Part of the performance will be the masks produced by kids! Respect Festival  area will be decorated by Conti’s masks and other artifacts, as well.



Gilberto Conti comes from a culture of street carnival from Rio de Janeiro and from his childhood he performed with masks and the fantastic world of the rite and carnaval. After that he develop his work with puppets, giant puppets and masks for 20 years with self-created company called IOIO Puppet Theater.

Based in Prague, Czech Republic, studied his master degree at DAMU, Prague Theater Academy in the department of puppet and alternative theater. Worked with names as Peter Schumann of Bread and puppets in New York and Petr Matasek, legendary stage designer and puppeteer of Czech Republic in DAMU he develops a big research with masks, puppets and theatre performing and teaching in different parts of the world.