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Trio Henya

CZ, Brasil | R+

Young blood of the local jazz

Trio Henya is a long-term project of pianist Miloš Kunc and drummer Petr Balhar, in a new line-up with Luan Gonçalves on contrabass. Their music is not easy to describe, but it sounds very contemporary, modern, experimental and original. It draws on older and contemporary jazz, classical, Balkan music and other non-European musical influences. Their work freely blends specifically written music with the improvisation of all Trio members.

Among the Trio’s earliest recordings is an original arrangement of the Bosnian sevdalinka (folk song) U Stambolu Na Bosforu, and the concert repertoire includes an instrumental version of Pitaju me, pitaju by 1980s Yugoslavian pop star Oliver Mandić. The Trio’s other music stems from the compositions of pianist and bandleader Miloš Kunc. Their latest EP titled ”Handmade Halo Headpiece Gothic Lolita Virgin Mary Goddess Sun Baroque Pearl Gold Halo Crown Headband Party Hair Accessories” is available on all streaming platforms and had an informal launch on December 1, 2022 at Radiocafé in Prague. 

Trio Henya are finalists in the Jazzfruit 2022 competition organised by the radio Český rozhlas.

Miloš Kunc – piano

Petr Balhar – drums

Luan Gonçalves – contrabass

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