Trio Rempis/ Stadhouders/ Rosaly

Netherlands, USA | OM

Improvised Music

This transatlantic trio combines musical sensibilities derived from their experiences in two world capitals of improvised music, Chicago and Amsterdam. Rempis and Rosaly, both longtime staples of the Chicago scene, have partnered for more than 15 years, most significantly in the Rempis Percussion Quartet and Rempis/Rosaly Duo. The two met guitarist/bassist Jasper Stadhouders at the Moers Festival in 2009 where the three shared a stage on the legendary “morning sessions.” Despite being only 18 years old,Stadhouders was a presence to be dealt with, his energy and aesthetic already developed into a cohesive whole.

Since that time, the three have kept in touch, and furthered their musical relationships in many ways.  With Rosaly’s move to Amsterdam in early 2016, he and Stadhoudershave become regular collaborators in a number of different contexts including the experimental multi-media collective o k a p i, and Stadhouders group Polyband. Stadhoudersand Rempis have shared the stage in various ad hoc contexts in both of their hometowns, and during some guest stints that Rempis made with Stadhouders’ collaborative trio Cactus Truck.   All three also worked together in a version of Ingebrigt Håker Flaten’s Sextet for a lengthy tour in the fall of 2014.

With these experiences under their belts, the three felt strongly that a trio collaboration was warranted, and worked together on a short European tour in April 2017.  They followed up quickly with two Amsterdam concerts in December 2017, including the OCCII performance where their forthcoming cd was recorded, scheduled for release on Aerophonic Records in summer 2018.  This first outing finds a band comfortable in it own skin – happy to leave space, and patiently allow each other to develop ideas, as individual members step to the fore to take the lead.  This music is both driving and melodic, as Stadhouders raw sound combines seamlessly with Rempis’ tunefulness, pushing the action forward while Rosaly colors the proceedings gracefully.

Dave Rempis: saxophone(s)
Jasper Stadhouders: guitar and bass
Frank Rosaly: drums



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