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The pioneers of congolese rumba

Bakolo Music International, the “Music Masters” is the oldest group of roots Congolese Rumba in Kinshasa. In 1948, in Leopoldville singer Antoine “Wendo” Kolosoyi formed a group he called Victoria Kin.

They recorded numerous 78 r.p.m. discs for the famous Ngoma Label Records, one of the first studio in Kinshasa. The group became later “Victoria Bakolo Miziki” and then “Bakolo Miziki International” under President Mobotu. In 1999, they came back on stage with Wendo Kolosoy re-discovered by Christian Mousset, and did several world tour until the death of Wendo in 2008. His group remained faithfull to his memory and continues to compose new songs. In 2016, they recorded a single “Ngange” (sorcerer) and they plan to realise a full album in 2017. Two films about their lives were produced in 1993 (Tango Ya Ba Wendo, Mirko Popovitch & Kwami Mambu ZINGA) and 2007 (On the Rumba River – Wendo, Jacques Sarasin) and a third film is going to be produced in 2017 as the third chapter of the trilogy.


Bikunda Nzofu Buele, guitare
Michel Missy, guitare lead
Paul Mayena, Saxophone
Willy Makonzo Nzofu, chant
Jean-Louis Bikunda guitare basse
Bulantulu Ndangui, drums
Emile Biayenda, percussions


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