SWING - because this is lively music that makes you want to sway to the rhythm and dance.
GADJÉ - because, while these musicians are not nomads, their music has that feeling. It is music of the road, completely original, coming straight from the land of the Gypsies. A land whose size is measured by the number of caravans, and whose borders are always changing.

The group Swing Gadjé is led by Arnaud van Lacker, a composer, performer and accordionist who has also been behind many theatrical and dance productions, having worked with groups like Le Cercle de Craie Caucasien, Les Tournages Imaginaires, Roi Arthur, César et Drana and others. Strongly influenced by the work of Bertolt Brecht, he carries much of this inspiration into the songs he and Armel Richard write for Swing Gadjé.

Swing Gadjé was founded in Lille, France in 1996. The members of the group have taken an active part in various protest activities directed against violations of the Besson Law, which stipulates that every French town or city with a population above 5,000 must provide drinking water and campsites for Romanies and other nomads.
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