The roots of Romany music and dance in their most authentic form – this is the fourteen-member ensemble Kék Láng from the village of Nyirvasvari in eastern Hungary. The 200 members of the Romany community there belong to the nomadic Olah clan, which settled in this area during the 1950s.
Kék Láng (Blue Flame) preserves the living musical legacy of its ancestors. The only instruments used to accompany its polyphonic singing style are spoons, metal milk jugs, pot lids and, occasionally, violin and guitar. The performers round out the rhythm by snapping their fingers, clapping their hands and stomping their feet.
The group first came to international attention by appearing at the "Gypsies of the World" Festival. The celebrated French filmmaker Tony Gatlif chose Kék Láng to represent Hungarian Romany music in his film Latcho Drom, which was shown as part of last year's first-ever Respect Festival, and subsequently broadcast by Czech Television.
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