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Susheela Raman

UK | Respect Festival

Susheela Raman returns to the Respect Festival for her first concert after a long break imposed by the pandemic!

Always inventive, Susheela has a history of bold adventures with kinds of music and musicians and of bringing her unique voice and energy to make something new. Recent work has been with Sufi singers from Pakistan and Javanese Gamelan. Her present collaborators include longtime producer/guitarist Sam Mills (ex 23 Skidoo) and Malcolm Catto of the Heliocentrics.

At Respect She will be presenting, for the very first time, songs from her new project working with the words of visionary poet and artist William Blake. Blake who lived in London from 1757 to 1827, was a radical and magical artist an advocate imthe power and divinity of the human imagination, in the necessity of psychic exploration, and in how each individual manifests the non-dual. Blake continues to be a massive challenge and inspiration to many contemporary artists, writers and musicians. Blake’s work drew on a range of influences that crossed in London, where he always lived. His visual and literary work directly and indirectly mixed Jewish Kabbalah, esoteric Christianity, Hindu imagery, as well political radicalism and dissent.

It’s very interesting to present this work in Prague which was such an important centre of alchemy and hermeticism with a magical connection with London going back to the influential magus John Dee who lived in Prague after being an advisor to two English monarchs.

Blake himself was brought up in the Moravian church, run by exiles from Europe, which at that time had a highly unorthodox and sexualised interpretation of divine union, which underpinned his psychic explorations.

So for Susheela Prague is the right place to present this fresh and intense musical dream.

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